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Pokemon Go & The Hidden Dangers

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Pokemon Go & The Dangers of Playing ItPokemon Go & The Hidden Dangers

The trending phrase “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” has been altered slightly and is being used as “Gotta Dispatch ‘Em All” by the Emergency Medical Technicians.  Around America and soon around the globe it is feeling like the 90s again. Pokemania is sweeping across the planet with the release of the Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application Pokémon Go. If you are not familiar with it then you’ve probably been sleeping for the last few weeks.

Pokemon Go is an app installed on a GPS enabled smart phone or tablet.  Players then use the GPS to find Pokemon characters and capture them.  The game is using land marks and other historical locations as key locations in the game.

In just a few short weeks since its launch Pokemon Go has become the hottest social media app.  It is credited with getting kids out of the house and exercising.  It is also credited with creating a community of players during a time of rising tension and division in America.

Also during the first few weeks since launch two players have walked off the edge of a cliff in California.  There have been numerous reports of people walking into walls, poles and street signs.  There have also been reports of people trespassing into places they would not normally consider traveling through such as back yards or businesses that don’t normally have foot traffic.

Pokemon Go and Personal InjuryA player of Pokémon Go was prompted by the game to catch some Pokémon characters in a body of water. Instead she found a dead body floating in the river in Riverton, Wyoming. Police departments have reported that armed robbers have used the application to lure the victims in and rob them at gun point. Suspects have already been taken in as police received reports of robberies taking place in different areas.  One of the police stations in Australia has been set up as a Poke-Stop (place where Pokémon hunters get goodies). People started entering the station in order to reach the Poke-Stop. Officers had to stop them from entering the station. Poke-Stops and Poke-Gyms are set up in famous places like monuments or galleries.  Sometimes these ‘Stops & Gyms’ are placed in Strip-clubs, Churches and Cemeteries.  It hardly seems appropriate for a child playing the game to enter a strip club to play the game. Moreover the sanctity of Churches and cemeteries is ruined by people roaming around with their phones in their hands and yelling, “Yes, I got you now!!”  The game requires movement from the player and most players walk, but not all of them do. One gamer decided to bypass the walking portion and attached his phone to a drone and linked it to a computer in order to catch a Pokémon in his area. A person ended up having his home set up as a Poke-Gym. As a result his home was visited by lots of strangers playing Pokemon Go. His complaint was that all the foot traffic to his property makes his home look like a drug dealer spot.

The obvious danger is that someone staring at their phone while playing Pokemon Go will walk into things.  Even more of a concern is someone playing the game while driving, and there have been reported accidents as a result of this very behavior already.  Children have reported pain and even sores from playing the game.  Walking around with your neck down for extended periods of time can have a negative impact on your health.  This phenomenon has been detected in children already from the use of smart phones and tablets.  Pokemon Go would seem to amplify this health concern as children (and adults) spend hours upon hours glaring at the smart phone screen.

Playing Pokemon Go has risks including injury and safetyWith concerns such as robberies, sunburns, aches and pains or long term injuries,  critical accidents, & invading someone’s property; all experienced by gamers playing Pokemon Go.  It is important that gamers raise their awareness while playing the game.  Take care of your health and be alert of your surroundings.

Pokemon Go has some positive aspects but there are hidden dangers as well. It is important you know your rights should you or a loved one be injured as a result of someone else’s negligence while playing the game.  Speak to an attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

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distracted driving while eating in CT

The Dangers & Legal Ramifications of Distracted Driving in CT

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distracted driving in CTDon’t Be a Distracted Driving Statistic

What if you were driving down the road, and took five seconds to check the messages on your phone? In those short few seconds your car weaved into the next lane and collided with a vehicle. You’re now on your way to the hospital, and so is the driver of the other car. Now you are likely without a car, you’ve probably sustained injuries that may make it difficult to work and you are probably going to be sued now.  You just became a statisitic. How do we prevent this from happening in the future? There are steps that every driver can take to prevent distracted driving. These steps consist of turning off cell phones, not eating while driving, and abstaining from taking drugs (yes, even prescription) while driving.

Put Down the SmartPhone

In this technology-rich age, people have become obsessed with the need to stay connected all the time through their smart phones.  Even while driving they are tempted to check text messages, reply, snap a selfie or post to Facebook. It can be dangerous, even deadly, to use your smart phone while driving. It is illegal in the state of Connecticut to use your phone while driving.  You can use a hands free device but they are trying to ban the use of these as well. This spring and summer towns in Connecticut are cracking down on distracted driving.  Here are a few distracted driving facts and statistics you may not be aware of.

If you’re driving there should be no need to pick up the your smartphone and read/respond to text messages. Emergencies are important, but are they worth yours or someone else’s life? Nothing is worth the potential loss of life that may occur as the result of distracted driving. Statistically, car accidents that are the result of a driver being distracted by texting, or phone calls were about 23% in 2011 which is about 1.3 million crashes.  Putting down your mobile device while driving could save a life.

Everyone Loves to Eat, But Should You While Driving?

distracted driving while eating in CTDistracted driving is not only caused by using a mobile phone while driving.  Distracted driving is caused by anything that can distract the person driving the car.  Eating while driving is a form of distracted driving, and it is illegal.

How many times have you stopped at the local drive-thru and grabbed the burger out of the bag to eat on the way home?  Now what happens if you drop the burger, or ketchup falls out of the burger, or the burger is still hot?  You become distracted.

You don’t hear a lot about distracted driving while eating, and there certainly aren’t a lot of statistics for it, but it does exist and it can be deadly.  Just as with a smartphone, if you are at a stop light and you grab a handful of fries you are breaking the law.

Imagine if you are at the light, you have your hands off the steering wheel to eat and you’re rear ended.  You now have no control of the car and potentially cause unnecessary injuries to others waiting at the light, or someone in the crosswalk.

Final Thought on Distracted Driving

Under no circumstances should you be distracted by your own actions while driving.  These are just two examples of distracted driving but there are plenty more.  If it is something that can take your eyes off the road even for a second it’s dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  Avoid serious injuries or the loss of life by being a responsible driver.

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