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What Do You Do If You Are In Accident With An Uber Driver?

What Do You Do If You Are In Accident With An Uber Driver?

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What Do You Do If You Are In Accident With An Uber Driver?Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Self-driving cars will soon be the mainstream. Virtual Reality is becoming a reality. And you can get a ride somewhere simply using an app on your phone.  Uber has taken the world by storm by offering an alternative to taxis throughout the world, but Uber comes with its own set of problems. Let’s not forget Lyft.  Lyft is similar to Uber but does not cover all the geographies that Uber does..yet.

It really is very easy to use Uber.  If you the app you basically just press a button and Uber sends someone to get you and bring you where you want to go.  Uber employs drivers all over the world to handle the transportation piece, and will soon use driverless cars in Pittsburgh.

Speaking to an anonymous source recently we discovered becoming an Uber driver is not that difficult.  Yes, they run a background check and a driver’s history check, which they send to the potential candidate, but they are not very strict in their hiring drivers.  The anonymous Uber driver we spoke with had a number of motor vehicle infractions including driving without insurance and registration, multiple speeding tickets and reckless driving.

Furthermore, Uber started sending this driver on jobs before he submitted a copy of his registration and did not require additional levels of insurance (which most insurance companies require).  Essentially you are paying for what you get and potentially put yourself at risk.  The question remains, what do you do if you are involved in an accident while a passenger in an Uber vehicle?  What do you do if your car is involved in an accident with an Uber driver?  Here are some of the laws that help you in achieving your compensation for the losses that occurred to you or the driver while you run into an accident when in one of these cars.

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In 2013 the rules of the transportation industry changed dramatically. This was the onset of what is then called ride sharing services; Uber, Lyft, Sidecar. These transportation services differed from taxis, buses, or trains, services that have become quite accustomed to because individuals were driving their own vehicles in exchange for compensation. When someone was in a taxi or a bus, it was clear who was responsible. The law required they have insurance. With the new drivers driving their own vehicles on these application platforms, the law was unclear as to whether there would be any coverage whatsoever for harm or injury caused in an accident?

uber or lyft driver accidentOn New Year’s Eve, 2013: Sophia Liu was killed while crossing the road with her mother. She was hit by an Uber driver who was looking down while making a right-hand turn. The tragic death of Sophia put the issue of responsibility into the forefront. As a result of handling that case, Attorneys designed a plan of action not just to recover from them but to change the entire system for the betterment of everyone in the United States. The attorneys helped to drive a bill AB2293 that went through the State Legislature. It requires that these transportation companies such as Uber provide one million dollars’ worth of insurance to people who are riding in the vehicle or people who are hit by one of these vehicles while transporting a passenger or going to pick a passenger up. It also provided for the first time protection for drivers of the vehicle who may be hit by uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Attorneys also involved themselves in the Ride Sharing Hearings as they wanted to make sure that protections were in place, the vehicles were properly inspected, the drivers would be vetted and the consumers would get the transportation and safety that they deserve. Many Law firms continue to work on legislation that will hold ridesharing or transportation network carriers responsible for their conduct.

What Should You Do If You’re Involved in an Accident With Uber, Lyft or Sidecar?

After taking care of the immediate accident steps as outlined in this blog post you will want to speak to a personal injury attorney.  The laws are still being shaped for this type of service and your accident may help to shape the future of ridesharing services.  Uber and Lyft will be quick to try to settle, as will the insurance companies, so it is important that you speak to an attorney.

It is extremely important when dealing with a new service model, or new technology, that you speak with a personal injury lawyer.  Trial attorneys are the best-prepared lawyers when it relates to issues like this.  Don’t try to take on Uber and/or the insurance companies on your own.  Get help.



The Future of Driving is Driverless

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Google Self Driving CarThe Future of Driving is Driverless

The exact date of availability of driverless vehicles for the general public isn’t yet known but it is going to be real soon. Carnegie Mellon University created the first true driverless vehicle in 1980. When we tell you that when the driver stands up; while the vehicle is moving; to collect tickets, it is an awesome experience we’re not exaggerating. Driver less vehicles have improved greatly over the past 10 years. By 2008 the advancement in driverless vehicles has come to a point where Volkswagen’s Pasat was able to stop after recognizing a stop sign on its own. Google has developed an entire team of driverless vehicles which has traveled 140,000 miles on the roads of California. It drove along other cars and obeyed all the rules of traffic including traffic signals. Google and Volkswagen are not the only automotive companies thinking about the future of self-driving vehicles. In 1980, Mercedes-Benz introduced hand gestures and eye controlled features in its car. At AUTOBAHN; BMW self-drove into the show and Prius A.V.O.S, a remotely controlled vehicle, was introduced in an automotive show in Tokyo. Automotive owners think that due to advancements in technology driverless vehicles are surely going to be available in the very near future. Google said that the cars will be available to customers by 2017 and Tesla’s Elon Musk will be introducing its product by 2019. Mercedes-Benz and all other big automotive companies plan to put out their product by 2020. Jaguar plans on stepping in the market by 2024 and Ford has set the target for 2025. If the automobile manufacturers (and Google) stick to this timeline then the future of driving is certainly going to be interesting.

Nissan Autonomous CarEvery year in the world 1.2 million people die due to road accidents. In the US 40% of the deaths involved alcohol. Since driverless cars don’t involve a driver and are computer operated driving under the influence could potentially become a thing of the past.  A future that involves the elimination of drinking and driving related accidents would be a bright one.  The increase in speed is going to come with an increase in safety. On average Americans spend 52 minutes in traffic each day. With driverless cars the need for traffic lights and other traffic control signs may become a thing of the past. The driverless cars will be able to coordinate with other cars on the road and will be able to move at faster pace as compared to normal cars. A better or efficient driving style will cause less emissions in the atmosphere which will not only improve the human lives but will also increase the life of our planet. In disaster relief situations, hurricanes, fires, tsunamis, an army of autonomous vehicles could be ready for rescue missions. There is no doubt that people are going to enjoy this upcoming technology.

The dilemma that will soon arise (it already has come up once or twice) is liability in the event of an accident, especially when injuries are involved.  Seasoned trial attorneys will surely be the first to take on the challenge of determining who is liable in a driverless car accident.  Experience in unique cases and in the court room will play a big role in shaping the future of liability for driverless cars.  At Action Law Group we do believe the future is bright, but not without its challenges.

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